So in 19 years I achieved a lot. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had and the life I have been able to live because I know that there are billions of people out there that cannot even have the basics in life live clean water, food and a roof over their head.

In my 19 years I have

-Lived in two countries
-volunteered in an orphanage in South Africa
-Finished School
-Been accepted early into a good university
-Been able to go on a fully funded research expedition with Earthwatch
-Been part of YATZ VIC
-Been a volunteer then paid staff member at the RSPCA
-Been a volunteer at the first Olympic Games in South America and Brazil
-Travelled to the other side of the world all alone to a place I have never been before that doesn’t speak English
-Volunteered at an animal rehab centre in Brazil
-Volunteered at a school in Brazil
-Been part of school leadership
-Been healthy

The last one is very important because not everyone gets to say that as many people as I said before struggle through life without the basics

I am so grateful that I have been given a wonderful life and a caring family with amazing friends.

Thanks for the amazing 19 years and the many years to come.wp_20161002_14_18_31_pro

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