Sunny Days means beach days

So after what felt like weeks of rain and gloom, but was actually only 4 days of rain and gloom, the sun decided to come out and play.

And what do you do when the sun comes out and you are on an island surrouned by beautiful beaches. You go to the beach of course.

Sunny day #1 – Joaquina Beach
So I woke up and the sun was shining and there were blue skies for once. It took no time for me to decide that I wanted to go to the beach. Three buses and about half an hours walk later I finally reached my destination and my oh my was the journey here worth it. Because it was a weekday the beach was relitively empty and it was beautiful with sand dunes behind it, rocks at one end then a stretch of beach that went on forever going the other way.  It was such a great feeling to be able to finally go to the beach while the sun was shining and be able to enjoy it.

After sitting on the beach for about two hours I went for a walk up and down the beach and onto the rocks where I found some very beautiful views. After that I was quite hot and discovered that there was an ice cream buffet, what a way to cool down. So I got my bowl and scooped up some delicious goodness then sat down to enjoy it. A little while later it was time to head home before it got cold and dark, plus sadly I missed a spot or two of sunscreen and got burnt so it was time to get out of the sun, and start the trek home.

Sunny day #2 – Jurere International
Today I spent the morning with Carlos and his Kids at Jurere beach where his sister has a house. I walked around the open shopping area they have there, admiring all the nice surf shops that overprice their clothes and sunglasses, R$340 or around $135 for a pair of sunnies, I dont think so. After walking around for a while I went onto the beach and discovered the life guards were having a competition, something I had seen on Bondi Rescue but never in real life. Sadly due to the comp. and the wind being strong and cold I didnt stay long on the beach but even just a short while breathing in the salty air was just enough.

After walking around for a while we went to his sisters for lunch where I ate steak, yummy yummy. Then we went home to pick up Gisele and went to the Decathlon, sort of like sportsmans warehouse and rebel sport. Has everything you need. Then it was home time and dinner time.


Sunny day #3 – Jurere Sailing Club
Today we went to a sailing club in Jurere to meet up with Giseles dad for lunch, since he has a boat there. The beach there was once again beautiful and the water looked so inviting I couldnt help myself but go in for a swim. Brrrr the water was cold but it felt so good to get some saltwater on my skin finally. After the swim and after lunch, the brazilian bbq which is a braai basically, I got the chance to go sailing on his Yacht. Was so nice to be on a boat on the water, I even saw two dolphins. The view was beautiful and we went past another island then back before the rain clouds came in.

By the end of the day I was exhausted.

Sunny day #4- Lagoa da Conceciao
Today in the morning I went to downtown with gisele and went to a delightful cafe for a hot choc and cake. One thing I have noticed here is that Hot Chocolates are very thick and strong here, but still taste delicious. After stuffing my face full of food that it didnt really  need we went back home for lunch. Afer lunch since the sun was shining I decided I would go to the Lagoon an go Stand Up Paddleboarding. It is a hard thing to do, and it works every muscle. Even though it was super windy , and the water was rough I sill did it, I was not going to travel for about an hour and a half by bus and foot and not do it.

Even though it was windy I still found being on the water relaxing and energising. After paddling I started walking back to the bus station to head home.

Felt very proud of where I have come while being alone in a foreign country on the other side of the world.

Lets hope the sun stays shining for a little while longer


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