A short trip to Itapema

Last week around this time I travelled to Itapema to visit a friend I met earlier in the year and to explore a new city.

On Saturday the 15th of October I got picked up by my friend and his dad and we drove just over an hour from Florianopolis to Itapema which is north of here. It was a scenic drive and was great to see some of the country by land. That afternoon, the family took me to a viewing tower called Mirante do Encanto, which allowed you to see the entire city and its 11km stretch of beach. After the tower we went for a walk on the beach and for ice-cream (amarula ice-cream yum yum)
Now they lived only a block from the beach which was heaven for me, just a casual 5 min stroll and I could relax  while listening to the ocean.

16th of October
Today I spent the morning relaxing then in the afternoon we all travelled to Itajai for lunch, while on our way to Blumenau to explore a city with German influence and visit OKTOBERFEST!!!! What a day that was, hot sticky but very fun. It was completely strange to see German buildings in Brazil, but it was also amazing. Oktoberfest in Blumenau is apparently the biggest outside of Germany. Luckily when we went it wasnt very busy so you could actually enjoy your surroundings. Overall a great day.

17th of October
Today was another relaxing day, with the morning spent doing boring budget stuff but after lunch I went cycling with my friend along the beach to see the city up close. I love the ocean and being able to cycle along side it really was relaxing and amazing.

18th of October
Today I basically spent the whole day at the beach, walk in the morning, walk in the afternoon. I couldn’t stay away. On my morning walk I discovered an old bridge, Ponte dos Suspiros,very beautiful and majestic. That night I went with his mom and sister to watch Inferno, which made me think about Year 12 Geography and Population hahah, Thanks Ms OD.

19th of October
Today was my last day in Itapema and I was treated to Bolognese at lunch and Pizza at dinner to say farewell to a family I know will always be there to help if I need it.

Farewell Itapema you have been great, It was awesome to see another part of brazil and to see a friend again, this time in the city where they live. Thank you for the opportunity.

Soon I will be leaving Florianopolis and heading on a tour across South America. I will try my hardest to keep you all updated, but will be relying on wifi.



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