Tchau Brazil


So a few weeks ago I boarded a plane from Florianopolis to fly back to Rio where I would start my tour across South America. It was hard to say farewell to a place I called home for two months and the people who made me feel at home. However I knew I was going on the next stage of my adventure.

When I got to my hotel in Rio I met the guide then checked in and relaxed until I had to meet everyone else. Most of them where from the UK, one from Ireland, one from Scotland, two from Germany, one from Sweden and me. It was strange to suddenly not be travelling and doing things on my own but I was happy that everyone seemed nice.

Now the tour begins
While in Ilha Grande an island off the coast south of Rio, I spent the day snorkelling and island hopping before our boat broke down. We made it back safely though.

While in Paraty I went on a waterfall tour to three different waterfalls. At one there was a giant rock that you could slide down into a pool of water, so cold but so fun. After the waterfalls we went to a cachaça distillery to learn about the various types of cachaça which is an alcohol made from sugarcane. Afterwards on the way back to the hotel we discovered that at high tide the city streets flood, which made walking home a bit of an interesting experience but we made it. The next day we went stand up paddle boarding which was a nice way to relax before doing some shopping and packing before heading to the next place.

So after a 5am start we arrived at Sao Paulo airport for our flight to Iguassu falls. Once we arrived in the city called Foz do Iguaçu we met our guide and headed to the falls. I was so excited to be there i almost cried when I could finally experience the place I had dreamed of for so long. There are no words to describe the magic of the falls. The next day we ventured over the border into Argentina to see their side of the falls, the side where you can literally feel the falls as you walk onto a platform right at the edge of the falls as the water sprays you. After walking around there we caught a speed boat and sailed right under the falls getting absolutely drenched but the thrill and experience was amazing. I still can’t believe I was there.

After two amazing days experiencing the falls and one day exploring the town we caught a night bus to Bonito. Bonito is a small little town in the middle of nowhere but the areas that we went too were amazing. On the day we got there I went snorkelling in Rio da Prata which was amazing. So strange to be snorkelling in clear water in a river. An experience like no other. The next day I went to a cave called Gruta da lago Azul. Another amazing area with beautiful stalictites and mites but what was most incredible was the blue lake at the bottom of the cave with beautiful bright blue water. After a relaxing afternoon I went paratriking to watch the sunset which was a great way to end the day.

After a long bus ride we changed over to a truck to make our way into the Pantanal a huge wetland area. It was about 40 degrees when we got there. Where we stayed was on a farm in a room full of hammocks. Slept two nights swinging away into dreamland. The day we got there we went for a nature walk around which made me sweat like I have never sweated before and we got to see lots of birds. The next day in the morning we went for a game drive then stopped to feed and encounter a caiman before heading off to go piranha fishing in waist deep water infested obviously with piranhas and caimans. Can safely say I got over that fear. In the afternoon we went horse riding which was a nice relaxing way to end the day and say farewell to the Pantanal.

After the Pantanal we headed over the border into Bolivia amd said farewell to Brazil which had been my home for 3 months. Can’t wait for what is coming up.


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