Bolivian Escape

So as I said as I ended the last blog, I headed into Bolivia from Brazil. The difference between countries even so close to the border was huge. As soon as we got into Bolivia the streets were dusty and the taxi’s well they were basically someone’s car that they use to take people around. Our taxi couldn’t even close the boot with all the bags, the windscreen was broken and well I thought are we going to get there in one piece. We did luckily it was just a short ride from the border to the train station.

From the train station we caught a night bus to Santa Cruz. A big city in Bolivia. To be honest, I did not like it at all. Too many people, cars, fumes and nothing really to do, other than go to the mall. Luckily we were there only for one night as a stop over.

After a 30min flight taking us from about 400m to 2700m above sea level, we arrived in Sucre. This a nice town with lots of nice shops to buy Bolivian inspired what not’s. On one day here we went for a hike on their inca trail which was used as a trade route, as well as a hike to see some dinosaur footprints. The next day I went Paragliding. I was fine up until it came to running off a cliff, but everything went well and the views were incredible, I’m so happy I did it, was a lovely way to see the surrounding mountains. After paragliding we caught a bus to our next stop.

A small little town that was born when the Spanish decided to mine silver. While we were here for a few hours we had the option to see the silver mine but I needed rest since we were now over 4000m above sea level. After a short stay here we caught the bus again this time to Uyuni.

We didn’t spend much time in the city itself but from here we jumped on some 4x4s and headed into the middle of nowhere

This area is amazing, never seen anything like it. We started off visiting the train cemetery where trains go to die, then we visited the only hotel made of salt that is allowed in the actual salt flats, from there we stopped literally in the middle of nowhere where it was so flat, here we took lots of fun photos and videos using perspective. After we looked at some other areas before heading to our home for the night at the base of an extinct volcano.

The next day we visited an island in the middle of the flats where we went for a walk to see some amazing views, after we stopped for more photos before heading to a lagoon where there were quite a few flamingos before heading back home.

On the last day we stopped at more lagoons, a view point to look at an active volcano, a geyser and some natural hot springs before heading back to Uyuni to catch a night bus.

We arrived early morning in La Paz after a very long night. We dropped our bags at the hotel then went for breakfast and a walk around the city. I later went shopping and spent who knows how much and didn’t even buy everything I needed.

The next day I went up Chacaltaya Mountain where the summit is 5435m above sea level. The mountain used to have the highest ski resort in the world but thanks to Climate Change the glaciers melted and they no longer get enough snow and the resort is closed. After almost dying on the walk up the mountain, the altitude makes it really hard to walk that high up, we went to the valley of the moon which was filled with strange clay formations, that were formed with erosion over time. A very busy and tiring day.

On our last day in La Paz we went to visit Tiwanaku ruins, which is the remains of the old Tiwanaku tribes civilisation. Filled with amazing sculptures’ and incredible buildings. How did they make them who knows. It was very interesting to learn about a different culture. Then it was time to go home, and have some alone time.

It was then time to leave Bolivia and head into Peru via Lake Titicaca and Bolivia’s Copacabana beach.

The next three weeks will be very busy, with hiking, flying and the Amazon so will hopefully find some time to let you know what happens.


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