Back to reality

So it has been a while, almost 7 months since I got back and it has been crazy.

This year I worked alot over the summer trying to earn the money that I owe my mom and dad for the trip. I was so happy to be home and see them. My bed never felt so comfy after 6 flights through 5 countries over 4 days to get home.

As the months went by the time to start university came closer, and to be honest I had mixed feelings about it and still do. How can you enjoy studying after travelling unknown lands, you can’t. However it is something that I have to do and it will help me in the future. The week of starting uni was hectic, we moved house and I had work the whole day before my first day.

It took me a while to settle in, finding all my classes, trying to make friends which is really hard when you see the same people once a week if you are lucky.  Getting back to studying was the hardest, I forgot how to write notes, essays and reports, but it came back eventually.

Now it is already mid year, I have finished a whole semester of uni and I can’t believe how fast it has gone. In a few months I will be 20, now that is scary.

I really miss travelling but I know I will always be able to do it as long as I work hard.

The gap year was completely worth it and I felt I learnt so much that no school or university can teach you, how to survive in the real world.

Hopefully I can keep the blogs up for future travel trips, who knows where’s next.


Tchau xx

1485911350-32592 LTU Intl 50th Anniversary Graphic v8c CMYK-01

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