What I learnt from my first year at uni!!

After taking a gap year last year, getting back into studying was harder than I thought it would be. I went through a stage of really not enjoying university, had no real friends (still don’t really but its hard when there are almost 900 students in one of my subjects and you see someone once a week in a lab class) and felt like they expected a lot from me. You go into it thinking this will be better than school, more freedom, but if you want to do well, it seems like you don’t really have the freedom. I had multiple quizzes a week, prac reports and essays due and of course had to keep on to of lectures.

Uni for me is more of a get it done time rather than have fun and enjoy it time. I am there for one reason and that is to get a degree so that I can get back out in the world and explore where my new qualification can take me. In the future who knows what will happen, maybe as time goes by I will enjoy the journey more but for now I am focused on the destination.

One thing I really struggle with is feeling like I haven’t achieved anything. Last year, I travelled across South America solo and was part of the Olympics. I felt like I had really achieved some big goals in such a short period of time. With university the achievement comes after years of studying. It’s a great achievement in the end but along the way I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

This feeling started to mess with me mentally. I don’t like giving up on something so that was never going to be an option, but it was hard. I think I had a headache for almost 2 weeks, one that can come from not being in the right headspace mentally, and it made me feel horrible. I had to change my mindset completely and say little positive reminders in my head as I went on. This helped me immensely and now I feel a lot better about studying once I eventually got back in the groove.

Now I have officially finished first year, and I can say that I do feel like I finally achieved something which makes me happy.

If you take university one step at a time and keep track of due dates you can have a life outside of uni while still doing the best you can. The best you can do is all they can ask of you.


Tchau for now!!

One thought on “What I learnt from my first year at uni!!

  1. Well written Casey, and you have achieved a lot! It has been a different and maybe challenging year by not being as challenging as 2016 but you have also become a great cook and continue to grow into an all rounded great person…. and that is an achievement in itself. Well done on dealing with 2017, now time for a great holiday


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